Future Recycling offers a complete range of waste management and recycling services across the UK. We have helped many companies, local authorities and government bodies to comply with EC regulations and in some cases to surpass their recycling targets.

Our services include:

  • Collection of all grades of paper and cardboard for recycling, collected loose, baled or palletised
  • For large volumes of paper and cardboard we can supply balers, compactors and roll on roll off skips
  • Confidential waste collected and shredded from solicitors, banks, local authorities, government bodies and companies
  • Plastic packaging recycling including shrink wrap etc
  • Plastic container and bottle recycling
  • Recycling of cardboard cores and reel ends
  • Corrugated box and packaging recycling
  • Scrap pallet recycling

Future Recycling can also supply purpose built waste containers (cages) which are just the right size to slot within your waste stream area. These can be collected on demand or on a regular cycle basis.

Paper and cardboard collection and recycling schemes dramatically improves your company's contribution to minimising landfill. You can choose from secure specialist bags or wheelie bins, that can be used in conjunction with desk top paper trays and under-desk recycling boxes. All grades and types of paper and cardboard can be recycled, without the need for costly and time consuming separation.

Call Future Recycling on 07774 995 455 or 020 8660 5160 or contact us with your enquiry for a immediate friendly response and start to reduce your carbon footprint.